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The PFA Mini Master Class (MMC) programme offers players of all ages the opportunity to develop their game even further via small group (maximum of 4 players) practices that focus on the key moments of the game:

MMC practices mirror the high intensity of the real game but still give the player time to reflect on performance, discuss key elements of their game and repeat game situations specific to their long-term development.

Practices expose players to 1 v 1 (in balance) to 1 v 3 (out of balance) scenarios that transfer skills over into the full version of the game.

Players are evaluated against the unique PFA assessment tool and from this an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is produced.

Where players of a similar age and with similar ILP’s are highlighted they are discussed at a senior coach meeting and this is where MMC’s are specially created.

MMC’s cover all areas of a player’s development

  • Technical (plus Tactical for YDP players)
  • Physical
  • Psychological
  • Social

To make an enquiry regarding MMC please complete the 1-2-1 booking form.

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