Pro Football Academy was launched by Director Carlos Roca

Carlos Roca, founder of PFA, has always believed that there are so many talented footballers out there, that for whatever reasons don’t get scouted. His driving force was to give those players the same opportunities as those in pro club academies. And so PFA was born.

At PFA all players and parents are asked to show the same commitment and discipline that you would attending a professional academy, and in return you will receive the same standard of coaching and follow the same syllabus as all the pro clubs.

More importantly, PFA will focus on your child as an individual and their development needs. We’ll give them a safe, secure environment to take risks, be creative and feel confident to learn at their own pace over the long term. Every player will have an individual learning plan and a 12 week review with the Academy Director. Every player and parent will be made to feel part of the PFA family, where not only do we create players with character and intelligence, but lifelong memories and friendships too.

PFA exists to give something extra to all those players in grassroots leagues, as well as providing ‘top up’ coaching to those already in pro club academies or on trial.

What unites us all is our passion for the beautiful game.

Just because you haven’t been scouted yet,
doesn’t mean you can’t experience Academy life

Where and when?

We have academies across the North West, please click below to find your nearest academy

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